California U.S. Marine base Camp Pendleton is reportedly on high alert after three men of Middle Eastern origin tried to gain entry to the base last weekend. The men tried to enter in two separate incidents and in two separate vehicles. One of those vehicles was reported as a Black Mercedes which was driven past a base security checkpoint but was subsequently pursued, stopped and searched.

Nothing illegal was found inside the car, but base security personnel noted the driver’s side airbag had been removed and re-attached with duct tape, and electrical wires were left protruding from the steering wheel.

Strangely, all three men were photographed and released.

Later Sunday morning, one of the three men returned to the base and again tried to enter, asserting he was actually trying to get to the nearby interstate. This time, he was escorted directly to that freeway.

The most alarming part of these events is that they came on the heels of a “Be On the Lookout” alert issued to high-ranking Camp Pendleton officials which stated that someone had reported hearing hateful comments and terrorist threats from three men at a gas station in Oceanside on Saturday.

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