UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest
UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

By RSOPerator

The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest (by Leapers, Incorporated) is an entry-level operator’s vest in terms of price. But when it comes to quality and features, this carrier is actually quite impressive.

The vest is essentially sold as “one size fits most” and is fully adjustable in both girth and length. It does snug down to fit my reasonably small frame (at 5’8” and 145 pounds) but just barely. If you are smaller than me, you may find yourself drowning in it. Big and tall boys should be fine, as this vest can really go big in terms of fit.

The core of the vest is comprised of UTG’s signature mesh ventilation system to aid on the release of moisture and heat. It closes up with a high quality, large-toothed, metal zipper.

The vest’s storage features include four rifle magazine pouches (3 on the right side, 1 on the far left) each holding two 30-round M16/AR-15 magazines, 6 total handgun magazine pouches (three dual mag pouches on the upper left chest, one single on the holster, and two singles attached horizontally to the included web belt. All chest pouches are topped with Velcro closures and include drain holes and elastic to hold magazines in place thus reducing noise associated with movement.

On the upper right chest area, below the sniper weapon recoil pad, we have a large shotgun shell/accessory pouch with an external Velcro strip which allows for the attachment of either a customer-supplied ID plate, or the included shotgun shell holder.

Included on the upper left chest is a small radio pouch. I like the overall placement of this feature, but unfortunately the pouch is too small to accept the common line of popular GMRS/NOAA radios made by Midland. Still the pouch does accept a small LED flashlight, so at least the space can be used for something useful should you not own a radio that is small enough to fit inside.

Installed on the left chest area just below the pistol magazine pouches, is a deluxe universal cross-draw holster. The holster is backed with a massive patch of Velcro and backed up by nylon straps to allow for some adjustment in terms of angle and placement on the vest. For those who don’t care for the cross-draw holster feature, an extra modular dual rifle magazine pouch is included to sit in place of the holster. A clever feature here is that both the holster itself and the dual rifle mag pouch are “belt loop ready” for a belt carry option. This way, no included storage is actually wasted should the wearer desire to take advantage of this smart design option.

The rear of the vest features a heavy duty Molle loop system to attach additional gear.

Also located on the rear of the vest, above the Molle straps is a heavy duty drag handle mainly designed for just that; dragging the wearer should he become unable to move on his own.

Inside the vest, you will find two large zippered map/document pockets, and a large rear pocket to accommodate an optional hydration bladder system.

The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions when choosing Black (PVC-V568BT / PVC-V568BL), or Olive Drab (PVC-V547GT / PVC-V547GL). It is also available in Army Digital (PVC-V547RT), and Woodland Digital USMC MARPAT (PVC-V547ET) in right-handed configuration only. All versions include the matching tactical web belt.

The UTG 547 can be purchased from various online retailers for approximately $50 USD. Here is the UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest available from the Amazon.com online marketplace.

I really like the overall design of this vest. Though I do wish all of the included pouches were essentially interchangeable for maximum customization, we at least do have some choices with the swappable holster and pistol mag pouch, and the two removable belt-mounted pistol magazine pouches. The addition of the Velcro-backed shotgun shell strip is a nice touch. Similar vests do not include this feature. The undersized radio pouch is a bummer.

Also on my wish list for this vest are additional color choices. This vest, in an ideal world, would also be available in both Winter White and Coyote Tan for use in snowy and desert environments respectively.

I give the 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest 4 out of 5 stars. It beats all others in its price range, hands down. I like it well enough to own it in two colors, and I plan to acquire at least one more.

Review samples courtesy of my wallet.

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