Thrive Chocolate Drink Mix
Thrive Chocolate Drink Mix

By RSOPerator

Comfort food is an important part of storage for a disaster scenario, since feel-good foods and drinks tend to lift spirits and have an overall positive emotional effect on a stressed-out individual.

Made from cocoa and nonfat milk, this mix is a great source of iron, making it a nutritious choice to add to your food storage. Just add hot water and stir for a very tasty treat.

Directions for use are as follows: To make 1 quart, add 1 cup THRIVE Chocolate Drink Mix powder to 4 cups hot water. To make only 1 cup, add 2 ½ tablespoons THRIVE Chocolate Drink Mix powder to 1 cup hot water. The mixture may be diluted by adding more water. Personally, I prefer to use 1% milk with the powder as opposed to water. This creates an obviously creamier hot chocolate drink, but if fresh milk were to suddenly be no longer available here, I can definitely live with the hot water method of mixing.

Unlike Ovaltine (which I also love), this mix does not dissolve in cold water or milk, therefore I would only recommend mixing it hot.

The sealed shelf life for a can of mix is 25 years, with an opened shelf life of 2 years, both under optimum conditions, which means being stored in a cool and dry location. The long shelf life is far superior to all other off-the-shelf drink mixes.

Thrive Chocolate Drink Mix is available directly from Shelf Reliance (, or any of their Independent Consultants, packaged in a pouch, pantry can, #10 can, pantry can case, and #10 can case.

It tastes great, but since it can only be mixed “hot”, I tend to prefer storing Ovaltine which, to me, is the ultimate hot or cold, vitamin packed, chocolate drink mix. I give Thrive Chocolate Drink Mix 4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Review sample courtesy of Shelf Reliance Ohio.

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