Speaking with GoldSeek Radio host Chris Waltzek this week, Trends Research Institute Founder Gerald Celente forcasted a ” false-flag” by the United States will provide a needed excuse to shut down the banking system and institute an overnight dollar devaluation. Celente suggested that covert plans are being created by Washington for a staged event, all in an effort to cover up a U.S.  financial collapse. The diversion could take the form of either another act of terrorism as we saw on September 11th, 2001, or an all-out war with Iran, which many feel is currently looming on the horizon.

“We believe that something, false flag or war, is going to happen,” Celente said.  “There’s going to be a financial collapse; it’s collapsing in front of us, but they [Washington] may use a false flag rather than calling it a financial collapse—like maybe they’ll have the brassiere bomber, or the granny bomber in a wheelchair, you know, who’s going to threaten the entire country, or it may be war.  And war is ratcheting up with Iran.”

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1 thought on “TRI’s Gerald Celente Predicts War, U.S. Collapse

  1. I’ve been following Mr. Celente for a long time and he has an uncanny knack of being right. As far as a false flag event, this has been going on for a long time in our government. From “Remember the Maine” to “Pearl Harbor”, the criminals that run this government know that American “Patriots” that don’t question their government can be depended on to execute their aggressive and despicable commands. Fully, according to the Milgram experiment, 65% of Americans are lemmings and will follow this criminally led government blindly to destruction. The rest of us, who think for ourselves will become targets of our government… we’ll be called “belligerents” and under the new extended National Security Law recently passed, we can be arrested, confined, tortured and killed by the whim of the Emperor… hmmm, President of these United States.
    Celente is correct. America is fascist and soon to have it’s own Mussolini. The people that own this country, the Rand Corporation, Lockheed Martin, McDonald Douglas and other weapons makers, the Pharmaceutical companies etc. WILL NOT permit the election of Ron Paul and it is my opinion that Ron Paul will be eliminated or assassinated if elected. They will not permit the dismantling of all their carefully laid plans.
    Already, the U.S. Government is executing Capital Controls, hunting down every American bank account over seas. The blunt hand of the U.S. is making it impossible for Americans to move their hard earned wealth abroad to avoid the coming confiscation of IRA and 401k funds.
    The only joy I’ll find in all this is that the ones who will lose their shirts and lives will be the lemmings.

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