End Of The Road is an upcoming documentary produced & directed by Tim Delmastro for 100th Monkey Films and is being distributed by Mercury Media.

From the creators of End Of The Road:

SYNOPSYS: In 2008 the world experienced one of the greatest financial turmoils in modern history. Markets around the world started crashing, stock prices plummeted, and major financial institutions, once thought to be invincible, started showing signs of collapse. Governments responded quickly, issuing massive bailouts and stimulus packages in an effort to keep the world economy afloat.

Although we’ve been told that these drastic measures prevented a total collapse of our system, a growing sense of unease fills the population. In the world of finance, indeed in all facets of modern life, cracks have started to appear.

What lies ahead as a result of these bold money printing measures? Was the financial crisis solved, or were the problems merely kicked down the road?

According to the producer, the movie was filmed in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, San Diego and Stamford CT. End of the Road features a vast range of commentators including billionaires, fund managers, philosophers, best-selling authors, radio hosts, government consultants and Members of Parliament.

This is a must-see documentary if you’re at all curious or concerned about a global financial collapse.

Look for a full review of the documentary here at Radical Survivalism Webzine as soon as the movie is made available!

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