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raising chickensWhen the SHTF, you had better be able to provide food for yourself as stores will be empty in no time. Options are available for just about anyone with a yard. Aside from learning to garden and having a supply of heirloom seeds on hand, you will need to have a source of protein.

Aside from meat, eggs are also a super source of protein. The chicken is fast becoming the most popular option for preppers and for good reason; they produce eggs and meat! Raising chickens is easy and fun. Anyone can do it.

A few other benefits to raising chickens is that they are great at keeping the insect population down and produce organic fertilizer for the garden.

It’s easy and inexpensive to get into raising chickens. All you need is a chicken coop and a back yard big enough for them to roam or a moveable run. Certain heritage breeds of chickens are very good at reproducing and the flock can replenish itself as you harvest older birds. Chicks are available through numerous chicken hatcheries around the country. Another great place to find chicks or full grown chickens is Craigslist.

A few dozen hens can produce a large amount of eggs, which if not used by you, can be sold or bartered. I believe that every prepper needs to have a flock of backyard chickens as an essential preparedness item.

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