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“First and foremost, it is about individual rights. These various laws and regulations are nothing more than an infringement on those rights, limiting one’s ability to exercise those rights. We have a duty, as citizens, to fight for our rights and not let the Government take them away. The Second Amendment is the keystone in this struggle since it gives the citizens the means to resist a tyrannical and oppressive government, should it come to that…the ultimate check and balance. If it falls, the rest will not survive.

Laws that restrict goods that the people want serve only to develop a thriving criminal network: Prohibition brought about significant growth in organized crime, the war on drugs allowed for the expansion of violent inner city gangs, etc. When the Government reduces the supply but the demand remains, prices go up to the point where it is worth the risk to break the law to provide the goods.
In the case of guns, laws and regulations only affect the legal gun owners and will serve to slowly disarm the populace over time. Criminals will still be able to get illegal guns, but at a higher cost which will, by necessity, be funded by increased criminal activity.

Keep your liberty; keep your guns.”

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The number one reason citizens who are anti-gun do not want to accept the truth about gun control is because they secretly DO NOT feel they should be burdened with the responsibility of their own self-preservation. -Ed.

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