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The Decline Of Western Civilization Will Be Televised

Over the weekend I was watching the Boston police illegally enter homes and force innocent families out onto the street at gunpoint, all in the name of finding one 19 year old Muslim radical. There’s no use iterating how I feel about the events I saw, since unfortunately it seems very few people outside of the Prepper and Patriot communities seem to care about the sad state of our country anyway. For many, as long as Honey Boo Boo is being piped into the living room idiot box uninterrupted, most people are comfortably content with the decline of Western society.

But, over the weekend, Bostonians got a taste of what less than 50% of us voted for.  For those not in the know regarding current US politics, what we saw play out was actually the “hope and change” the President has been so excited to show us. I feel a great sadness for those families affected by the illegal activities of the Boston Police, knowing that a good number of the families affected were suddenly faced with the realization that the country they thought they lived in is actually nothing more than a romantic memory, a decrepit shade of its former self. That my friends is the honest truth.

I encourage anyone living in a city here in the US to move to rural surroundings, before this all gets exponentially worse.

Go America.

About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.