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They Love Death


Have you ever known someone that loves death?  When someone truly is in love with death, it can take that person to a very dark place.  Unfortunately, there are a growing number of scientists, politicians and global opinion makers that believe that we must reduce the size of the human population for the good of the planet.  They are convinced that humanity is causing global warming, killing off other species and making this planet unlivable.  In their quest to save the future of the planet, they are becoming bolder and bolder with their calls for population control.  They love death because they believe that it will help save the earth.  They figure that with less humans around, there will be less carbon emissions, less pollution and more room for other species.  So how will this be achieved?  Well, as you will read about in the rest of this article, “after-birth abortions”, “mobile euthanasia teams”, “sperm-destroying ultrasound technology” and putting contraceptives in the tap water are just some of the ways that are being proposed to reduce current human numbers.  This hatred of life and love of death is being taught in colleges and universities all over the western world, and this population control philosophy is becoming increasingly dominant with each passing year.

I realize that the idea of “mobile euthanasia teams” may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but the truth is that this is not just a “pie in the sky” concept.

In fact, in the Netherlands six mobile euthanasia teams are now going door-to-door to help elderly patients end their lives in the comfort of their own homes.

The following description of this program comes from a recent article in The Independent….

The project, which has provoked sharp criticism from doctors, is the brainchild of the Dutch largely donor-funded Right to Die NL. It follows the government’s 2002 decision to legalise euthanasia, making the Netherlands the first country in the world to do so. Walburg de Jong, a spokeswoman for the organisation said that since the ruling some 3,100 assisted suicides had been carried out annually. The mobile euthanasia teams, she said, operated free of charge and were designed to make it easier for patients enduring interminable suffering to end their lives.

Can you imagine your grandparents getting a visit someday from a mobile euthanasia team?

But it is not just the elderly that are being targeted for death.

Two scientists recently made headlines all over the world when they released a paper calling for the legalization of ”after-birth abortion”.

Alberto Giubilini of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and Francesca Minerva of the University of Melbourne co-authored an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics entitled “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

In their paper, they argue that a baby is just a “potential person” and that “killing a newborn should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.”

Giubilini and Minerva argue that just because a baby is human does not mean that it has any rights.  The follow quote is from their paper….

“Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life. Indeed, many humans are not considered subjects of a right to life: spare embryos where research on embryo stem cells is permitted, fetuses where abortion is permitted, criminals where capital punishment is legal”

Giubilini and Minerva also believe that the “burden” placed on the family and on society by a new baby must be given precedence when it comes to matters of live and death.  The following is another quote from their paper….

“To bring up such children might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole…On these grounds, the fact that a foetus has the potential to become a person who will have an (at least) acceptable life is no reason for prohibiting abortion.”

Giubilini and Minerva insist that “after-birth abortions” would have a lot of advantages.

For example, approximately a third of all babies with Down syndrome are not diagnosed in the womb.  After-birth abortions would take care of that “problem” by allowing mothers to “terminate” those children after they have been born.

Other scientists aren’t just concerned about giving the elderly and new mothers more “choices”.  Many are now advocating the implementation of strict global measures to reduce the human population for the sake of the environment.

For example, Colorado State University Professor Philip Cafaro recently released a paper entitled “Climate Ethics and Population Policy”.  In that paper, Cafaro declared that humans are committing “interspecies genocide” and that therefore it is imperative to reduce our numbers….

“Scientists now speak of humanity’s increased demands and impacts on the globe as ushering in a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene. Such selfish and destructive appropriation of the resources of the Earth can only be described as interspecies genocide.”

For Cafaro, simply stopping the growth of the human population on earth is not enough.  He says that in order to prevent “catastrophic global climate change” we are going to have to “significantly” reduce the size of the global population….

“Ending human population growth is almost certainly a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for preventing catastrophic global climate change. Indeed, significantly reducing current human numbers may be necessary in order to do so.”

Unfortunately, a love of death is now widespread at U.S. colleges and universities.  For example, Professor of Biology at the University of Texas at Austin Eric R. Pianka once wrote the following….

I do not bear any ill will toward people. However, I am convinced that the world, including all humanity, WOULD clearly be much better off without so many of us.

Population control is something that Bill Gates has been putting a lot of funding into as well.  The following example comes from a recent Natural News article….

Mass vaccination is apparently not the only depopulation strategy being employed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as new research funded by the organization has developed a way to deliberately destroy sperm using ultrasound technology. BBC News reports that the Gates Foundation awarded a grant to researchers from the University of North Carolina (UNC) to develop this new method of contraception.

For their study, the UNC team tested ultrasound on lab rats and found that two 15-minute doses “significantly reduced” both sperm counts and sperm integrity. When administered two days apart through warm salt water, ultrasound caused the rats’ sperm counts to drop below ten million sperm per milliliter, which is five million less than the “sub-fertile” range, and stay that way for up to six months.

Sadly, it is not just a few scientists and opinion makers that are obsessed with death and population control.

As I have written about previously, the United Nations continues to push Agenda 21 on the entire globe.  The following is how the United Nations defines Agenda 21….

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

The United Nations publishes report after report calling for more “global governance” over the environment.  The following comes from a recent Fox News article….

The report, “21 Issues for the 21st Century,” from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Foresight Process, is the culmination of a two-year deliberative process involving 22 core scientists. It is expected to receive considerable attention in the run-up to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which will be held in Rio, Brazil, in June.

The scientists who wrote the report say it focuses on identifying emerging issues in the global environment, and that it is not about mandating solutions.

But its critics see an agenda lurking in its 60 pages, which call for a complete overhaul of how the world’s food and water are created and distributed — something the report says is “urgently needed” for the human race to keep feeding and hydrating itself safely.

But it isn’t just food and water that the United Nations wants control over.

The truth is that the United Nations is absolutely obsessed with the number of people living on the planet.

In a recent report entitled, “Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing” the UN warned about our “unsustainable lifestyles” and of the disastrous impact of population growth….

But what, then, is to be done if we are to make a real difference for the world’s people and the planet? We must grasp the dimensions of the challenge. We must recognize that the drivers of that challenge include unsustainable lifestyles, production and consumption patterns and the impact of population growth. As the global population grows from 7 billion to almost 9 billion by 2040, and the number of middle-class consumers increases by 3 billion over the next 20 years, the demand for resources will rise exponentially. By 2030, the world will need at least 50 percent more food, 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water — all at a time when environmental boundaries are throwing up new limits to supply. This is true not least for climate change, which affects all aspects of human and planetary health.

We are constantly being told these days that the problem is that there are “too many people” and that if there are less people things will be better.

Members of the U.S. government are even preaching this philosophy.

Just the other day, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was publicly proclaiming that the new requirement that all health insurance plans cover sterilizations and contraceptives will be good for employers and health insurance companies because it will mean less births.  She argued that the savings from less people being born will more than make up for the expense of the sterilizations and the contraceptives.

Sebelius told Congress the following on Thursday….

“The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception”

Other members of the Obama administration are preaching the population control gospel as well.  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has even stated that population control will be a “centerpiece” of U.S. foreign policy from now on.

We even find a love of death in the White House.  Barack Obama’s top science advisor, John P. Holdren, once wrote the following….

“A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men.

The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births.”

That quote should send a chill up your bones.

In America today, life is considered to be cheap, and that is especially true if you are “disabled” or “defective” in any way.

At one U.S. hospital, a 3-year-old girl named Amelia was recently denied a kidney transplant because she is considered to be “mentally retarded”.

How would you feel if that was your child?

Unfortunately, society continues to move away from the idea that life is inherently valuable and deserves to be preserved.

In fact, many top global opinion makers are openly calling for a dramatic reduction in human numbers.

CNN Founder Ted Turner once said the following….

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

For many more shocking quotes about population control from scientists, politicians and top global opinion makers, just check out this article which I published previously.

The world is becoming a very heartless place.

Those at the top look down on the rest of us as if we were vermin that need to be exterminated.

Increasingly, this sick population control agenda is being preached at us in the mainstream media.  For example, just check out what the editorial page editor of The Detroit News says should be done in Michigan….

Since the national attention is on birth control, here’s my idea: If we want to fight poverty, reduce violent crime and bring down our embarrassing drop-out rate, we should swap contraceptives for fluoride in Michigan’s drinking water.

We’ve got a baby problem in Michigan. Too many babies are born to immature parents who don’t have the skills to raise them, too many are delivered by poor women who can’t afford them, and too many are fathered by sorry layabouts who spread their seed like dandelions and then wander away from the consequences.

Michigan’s social problems and the huge costs attached to them won’t recede until we embrace reproductive responsibility.

He is seriously proposing to put contraceptives into our drinking water?

How can people be so twisted?

Sadly, as I mentioned earlier, this philosophy is being endlessly preached at thousands of colleges and universities all over the world.

The sick adherents of this philosophy love death and are obsessed with controlling the population of the earth.

They are just going to keep pushing their agenda further and further and further.

They truly believe that they must reduce our numbers in order to save the planet.

But in their zeal to “save the earth” they may take all of us to a very, very dark place.

So what is your opinion about all of this?  Please feel free to post a comment below….

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About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

Iran Preparing For “The Last Six Months”

By Reza Kahlili | From | On April 25th, 2012

Despite the recent declaration by Iran that it does not want a nuclear bomb and statements by regime officials that they are willing to negotiate over the nuclear issue, indications from within Iran signal massive preparation for an all-out war as part of its destiny.

Nine years ago a Revolutionary Guards arm, the Holy Defense, published a book, “The Last Six Months,” in which it describes the conditions needed in the last six months prior to the reappearance of the last Islamic messiah. The book was distributed in the hundreds of thousands to all Guards, Basij and army bases throughout the country.

Islam’s Shiites believe their 12th Imam, Mahdi, will reappear at the end of times and kill all the infidels, raising the flag of Islam in all four corners of the world.

The book admonishes the military forces that they must be prepared to do their duties during those six months and that there will be many signs to help the faithful to understand the transition, which will center on Iran.

The book, which relies on Islamic hadiths by the Prophet Mohammad and his descendants from centuries ago, describes the 9/11 attacks and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as signs that the time is near. But it also prophesies much more significant signs that would launch the six-month time frame for the reappearance of Mahdi: an attack on Syria and then an attack on Iran.

Both those events are looking increasingly likely as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad continues to murder his own people and Iran continues its quest for nuclear weapons.

Mahdi will only reappear, Shiites believe, when Israel is destroyed and the U.S. is brought to its knees; two-thirds of the world’s population will die in a nuclear exchange, and with this chaos and havoc engulfing the earth, the “coming” will unfold.

As revealed in the Iranian secret documentary “The Coming Is Upon Us,” it is believed within the Islamic regime that the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is the historical figure as claimed in a hadith who will rise up against the infidels and pass the flag of Islam to Imam Mahdi, the last Islamic messiah.

According to a source who served in the Guards’ intelligence – he has defected to a country in Europe – billions of dollars have been spent on the military forces to emphasize this very ideology of the coming as well as preparation for an all-out war.

Thousands of terrorist cells consisting of the most loyal are placed throughout the world, and they believe Iran will be a key player in creating the circumstances for the coming.

The Islamic regime fully expects to be attacked, the source says. Its leaders believe this will happen as foretold in centuries-old hadiths and written in the book “The Last Six Months.” Response contingencies call for simultaneous attacks on Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, and attacks not only on U.S. bases in the region but the U.S. homeland.

The Islamic regime has already mastered nuclear technology and currently has enough enriched uranium, verified by the IAEA, for six nuclear bombs. It also has ballistic missiles capable of reaching every country in the Middle East and many capitals in Europe but is also working, with the help of China and North Korea, on intercontinental ballistic missiles.

An internal IAEA document from 2009 shows that Khamenei, as early as 1984, was pushing for nuclear bombs, stating that, “This was the only way to secure the very essence of the Islamic Revolution from the schemes of its enemies, especially the United States and Israel, and to prepare it for the emergence of Imam Mahdi.”

Of utmost concern is that Iran likely has nuclear weapons already even as it works to create more. As reported in October, Iranian agents scoured the former Soviet republics after the fall of the Soviet Union in search of buying existing nuclear bombs, offering hundreds of millions of dollars. As verified with sources at the State Department, a former U.S. intelligence officer and a Russian general, the Iranians have at least two workable nuclear warheads.

The source in the Guards’ intelligence said he was informed in secret briefings while in the Guards that they had two nuclear bombs, though he could not attest if they were viable. But what he verified next was further terrifying: Iran has neutron bombs, thanks to its North Korea ally.

A neutron bomb is a tactical nuclear weapon invented during the Cold War to kill people with neutron radiation, while minimizing damage to buildings.

“However, a neutron warhead is more accurately described as, and is officially called, an Enhanced Radiation Warhead because it produces large quantities of all kinds of radiation – including gamma rays – that generate the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effect at high altitude,” according to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, which advises Congress.

“So if a neutron bomb, or more properly ERW, is detonated at high altitude, above 30 kilometers, it becomes an enhanced EMP weapon, a strategic weapon that could generate a powerful EMP, destroying electronics and collapsing the critical infrastructures that support the lives of millions of people over vast geographic areas,” Pry said.

As verified by the IAEA, the Guards have launched ballistic missiles from ships and detonated warheads over the earth’s surface. Those tests have only one purpose: create an EMP attack, whether by nuclear or neutron bomb. As revealed last year, the Guards have now armed their naval vessels with ballistic missiles and plan on deploying warships in the Atlantic Ocean.

Studies show that a successful EMP attack could destroy electric power, telecommunications, transportation, banking and finance, and food and water across the continental United States.

The Congressional EMP Commission estimated that, given current U.S. unpreparedness, one year after an EMP attack, about two-thirds of the U.S. population, 200 million people, would have perished from starvation, disease or societal collapse.

As the West continues to negotiate with the leaders of the Islamic regime in Iran, even accepting their nuclear program for “peaceful purposes,” one thing is ominously lacking: an understanding of their ideology.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the author of the award-winning book, A Time to Betray. He is a senior Fellow with EMPact America, a member of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and teaches at the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA).

About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

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About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

More Dire Predictions? Soros Compares EU Crisis To Collapse of The Soviet Union

By Becket Adams | From | On April 24th, 2012

George Soros

George Soros

Two weeks ago, billionaire currency speculator George Soros said that the financial crisis in Europe had “taken a turn for the worse” and warned of “a long period of economic stagnation or worse” for the EU.

Shortly after making those comments, the infamous market guru was back in the news for talking about betting against the euro.

This week, he says the EU financial crisis reminds him of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“Europe is similar to the Soviet Union in the way that the euro crisis has the potential of destroying, undermining the European Union,” he said during a debate on public policy education Tuesday.

“With the profound social, economic and moral crisis that Europe is in, we can see a similar process of disintegration.”

His Soviet Union comparison is similar to remarks he made in Denmark last week, where he said the eurozone crisis is “not over yet, and it is going in the wrong direction.”

“The euro is undermining the political cohesion of the European Union, and, if it continues like that, could even destroy the European Union,” he said, according to Reuters. “You can grow out of excessive debt, you cannot shrink out of excessive debt.”

As mentioned before on The Blaze, Soros has embarked on something of a personal crusade “to save” the EU and has chosen to do this by railing  against the Bundesbank (Germany’s federal bank) — a lot.

German banks and lawmakers are, according to Soros, “dead set” on enforcing the “status quo” by supporting laws that don’t work while the financial crisis threatens “still-incomplete political union.”

Soros says the EU can only be saved through bold and drastic action taken by eurozone authorities.

“The crisis can be stopped at any time. But this requires that the authorities realize that extraordinary situation requires extraordinary responses, ‘outside the box,’” Soros said in a Le Monde interview. “But the rules need to be changed to be sure the system does not emerge from its box.”

“Mr. Soros said other countries, such as Japan and Latin American nations, have come through similar experiences and survived, but the EU is not a country and is ‘unlikely to survive,’” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The article was originally posted at

About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

Rep. Yvette Clark on Tea Party: “The Ugliest Side of the United States of America”

By Mytheos Holt | From via Breitbart TV | On April 25th, 2012

Someone send a memo to the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives that it’s not 2009 anymore. Complaining about the Tea Party protests against Obamacare is starting to sound terribly old. Speaking at a local candidate forum called “Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform,” Clark had the following not terribly kind words for the Tea Party:

It’s worth noting that the video cuts together several different statements from Clark about the Tea Party to make them appear to be one coherent whole. Just for the sake of noting where the cuts are in the video, we’ve put each of the statements as separate paragraphs in the transcript below:

When I say dealing with the Tea Party, they came up in the hundreds of thousands. So we couldn’t walk outside of our office without tripping over Tea Party members. And these are individuals that had no problems with racial epithets, they had no problem with cursing, spitting and everything else, they came to intimidate members out of passing the Affordable Care Act.

But the moment that they came in and really just showed the ugliest sides of the United States of America, you can imagine — it was clear to me that we were doing the right thing for Americans. There will always be those in our civil society who, for whatever reason, feel like something is being taken away from them when we give to others. That has always been a challenge in the psyche of many in our civil society. But, you know, you have to save them from themselves despite those inclinations on their side.

When I first encountered the Tea Party, I thought, ‘Oh these people are crazy.’ And you would hear everyone say, ‘Oh, they’re crazy.’ But you know what, crazy showed up. And not only did crazy show up, but crazy elected 39 other members to the House of Representatives and took a lot of people out. So, you know, oftentimes things may look a little bit benign, but I’m finding, particularly at the Federal level now, is that if something seems threatening, most likely it is. I mean, who would’ve thought that we would be relitigating Planned Parenthood or contraception?

But what is the social compact that we have, one with the other? To me, there are just some key things, there are Social Security, there are Medicare, there are Medicaid. There’s taking care of the least of these amongst us as part of that social compact. Well, I can tell you, all of that is under threat right now.

Whether you look at the Republican Ryan budget that has just come out, again just highlighting a number of the discretionary areas in which our budget has been slashed. I mean, we can go from things like aid to women, infant and children (sic), we can go to food stamps, we can go to EPA standards. Everything that we need to really underpin and undergird our civil society is being dismantled.

The original article can be viewed at

About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

Are You a Prepper?

By Chris Gadsden | From | On Tues, April 24th, 2012

statue of liberty scared

Okay, this is going to be a different one. I am not going to write an article this time around as much as touch upon a subject that has been stewing in my brain for the last year or two. I want and would appreciate your feedback and advice if you would be so kind. We often (gladly) veer into more ethereal realms with politics and religion but I want to just chat a bit about nitty-gritty stuff today. I am just a middle-class guy with a wife and two young kids. I work, she works. We do better than a lot of people (by no means are we the 1% but, as all Americans should, we work hard and strive to be). Pretty much, we are the standard American family.

Because I am growing older and have two young children that will have to cash the checks we have been writing, the future is becoming serious and scary. We, as a nation and world, face a multitude of horrific possible calamities in the coming days/months/years. While the Mayan calendar and the impending 12/21/12 is entertaining to discuss (and I am sure there will be Kool-Aid chugging, Nike-wearing Heaven’s Gaters out there as the days countdown), I want to stick to more likely scenarios. Off the top of my head, we could possibly face:

  • World War III with China, Russia, or some other regionalized conflict snowballing (North Korea, anyone?)
  • The ever-present specter of a Middle East conflict erupting in war, economic turmoil with oil and energy disruptions
  • With the vocal militant faction of Islam emerging world-wide, the threat of massive (nuclear?) terrorist attacks
  • Complete economic collapse due to our power brokers and politicians’ borrowing, bailouts, derivatives, and ceaseless insistence on paying for the whims of every slacker with their hand out
  • All out world conflict over dwindling oil, water and food resources
  • A great pandemic as some form of convoluted swine-bird-cumquat H1Z9 virus runs roughshod over the world
  • A continued decline caused by the past/present/future leftists that live to embrace the failed tenants of socialism/communism (so sad that we have been brought to our knees by the many worthless generations that followed the Greatest one)
  • Natural threats, whether it be from the unlikely rogue asteroid or the far more probable, and frankly inevitable, eruption of the caldera (super volcano) under Yellowstone National Park (or one of the other handful of such ticking time-bombs under our feet).
  • Zombies, whether the flesh-eating branch or the Democrat-voting variety, that always pose a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Some of these ideas are more likely than others but I feel certain and fear that at least one of them is on the horizon for us. Most of us whistle past the graveyard and proceed with our normalcy bias. Things will always be pretty much the same. Political parties, hardships, good times all come and go but mainly things remain unchanged. What happens when the excrement hits the fan though? What are you, personally, doing about it? I have been asking myself that and now I want to ask you. It is not a new question but it certainly dates farther back than the recent spate of doomsday prepper-centric shows on the Glenn Beck online network, the National Geographic channel and others. It seems that getting ready for societal collapse is the new trend, replacing shows about Jersey tramps and bidding on self-storage units. [A sidelight on those prepper shows for a second…..why would you go on a show and put on display your face, family, weapons, food stores and living facilities? All of the lazy people in a 20-mile radius will remember that ole’ Bob down the street was ready for all of this and simply mooch, beg or attack.]

I will not go into specifics but will provide some of my prepping work. It starts with a stack of reading materials. I quickly learned that anything by survival god James Wesley, Rawles (still not sure why he spells it like that with the comma) is in order. His works, the best known being How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Time, are full of useful tips on not only surviving but thriving in any upheaval. Search out his website,, too. Great stuff. In addition to his works, I have purchased many other such books and manuals in recent years.

I have also begun researching or purchasing, as time and income allow, everything from heirloom seeds, guns, nonperishable goods, ham radios, gold (wish I had listened to Glenn Beck’s advice years ago when gold was under $700/oz.) and other precious metals. In addition to commodities, I have started to study survival techniques, wilderness safety and combat methods. Though time, work and family do not allow for a lot of in-depth study, I have been doing what I can. I have also reached out to like-minded individuals in hopes that we could trade ideas and perhaps have a support network if and when everything goes to pot. I also attended an interesting day-long seminar on all of these topics.

Deep down though, all of this and it seems like spit in the ocean. How is a normal, nearly middle-aged man supposed to go from a computer to generating power and skinning deer for dinner? Ideas? With even people in my own household and inner circle oblivious to the dire circumstances we face, it would be an impossibility to make a big move, take it to extremes, or go off of the grid. The famous line is “we are nine meals from anarchy” and it is true, give or take a day. We are still animals though most of us have been lulled to sleep.

Recent history has taught us how some will react. Hurricane Katrina showed us that many (most?) will simply wait for Uncle Sam to tell them what to do, say and feel. These are the same people that currently do not do for themselves and expect the government to provide for their every need. Faced with hardship, they will either be helpless or deadly as they become desperate.  The storm also showed individuals made of sterner stock. While officials in Louisiana floundered, neighboring states like Texas and Mississippi rolled up their sleeves, solved the problem and never waited for George Bush or anyone else to save them. When the rubber meets the road, the rest of us are probably in the middle of these extremes. I for one am getting the ball rolling but I want to be better

Does this strike home for any of you readers? What are you doing, if anything, to prepare? Banding together? Growing and canning your own fruits and veggies? Buying guns and ammo before obama can urinate on that right as well? I, and the rest of the readers, would love to know any insights, resources or suggestions you may have.

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As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.

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About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

Occupy Wall Street Plans Massive May Day Bridge and Tunnel Blockade in NYC

By Buck Sexton | From | On April 23rd, 2012

Occupy Wall Street plans to come back with a bang in less than ten days when it unleashes its May Day General Strike that could blockade the bridges and tunnels necessary for New York City to function. lays out the plan openly on its website:

“On May 1, 2012, autonomous direct action groups within Occupy Wall Street, as a part of the global mobilizations for general strike and economic non-compliance, will block one or more Manhattan-bound bridges or tunnels to protest the shameful opulence of the 1%.”

Occupy Wall Street Plans May Day Bridge and Tunnel Blockade in NYC

In addition to the planned transit blockade, Occupy is rallying factions across the country in solidarity with general strikes around the world: “For the first time, workers, students, immigrants, and the unemployed from over 115 U.S. cities will stand together for economic justice.”

The global breadth of the protests comes alongside recent Occupy efforts to tie itself to a long history of protest and social upheaval, including the NYC Fiscal Crisis of 1975:
“Last fall, when Occupy Wall Street blocked the Brooklyn Bridge for several hours, we were acting within a long line of protest in New York City that stretches back to the so-called Fiscal Crisis of 1975, which much like now, was a bank led assault against working people. In the summer of 1975, striking hospital employees, including doctors and nurses, blocked the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge was even blocked by thousands of laid-off police, the very people who act as the guard dogs of the 1%.”

Occupy Wall Street Plans May Day Bridge and Tunnel Blockade in NYC

Occupy-affiliated websites have also begun to highlight the history and significance of New York’s Union Square, which is currently the makeshift daily headquarters of the movement after they were evicted from their Zuccotti Park encampment.

The storied Marxist-activist past of Union Square  is unknown to most New Yorkers (and the rest of America) but shows that the Occupiers have added a knowledge of history to their organizational tactics and digital media savvy. According to, Union Square,

“started being used for political rallies soon after notable Labor Day marches in the 1860s (the traditional spring festival of May Day became International Worker’s Day to many after the 1886 Haymarket incident in Chicago), but … it is really only in the beginning of the 20th Century when the use for political demonstrations really began.” Specifically, the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) starts to have a lot of events.”

Occupy Wall Street Plans May Day Bridge and Tunnel Blockade in NYC

It also appears that the Occupiers may use a dual-pronged approach on May Day, as some major labor unions have applied for and received a legal protest permit to walk from Union Square to Battery Park at the bottom of Manhattan.

But that legal protest activity by no means precludes the possibility of disruptive illegal protest– even so-called “Black bloc” tactics— from defining the May Day General strike. The Occupiers themselves point out that:

“both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Holland Tunnel were shut down during protests of the shooting death of Sean Bell. But this May 1, we will create the biggest shut down the city of New York has ever seen.”

Occupy Wall Street Plans May Day Bridge and Tunnel Blockade in NYC

Where is this all going? What purpose does the general strike serve in the broader context of the Occupy movement?

Learn everything you need to know about the Occupy Movement, where it‘s been and where it’s going, in this ebook Occupy: American Spring, the Making of a Revolution, available now for pre-order and officially released tomorrow (April 24th).

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About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

Socialism is “Imperative”: Communist Leaders Detail Their Plans for America…

By Erica Ritz | From | On April 22nd, 2012

The Communist Party USA opened its national conference in New York this weekend, and the speakers weren’t shy about their plans for the United States of America.

In what constituted a clear step-by-step stratagem, Sam Webb, the party’s chair, opened his remarks by saying that the upcoming elections are only be part of “a grander design [that] will connect the dots between our immediate and longer-range political task.”

“To put it differently,” he elaborated, “we hope to connect the struggle at the ballot box today with the struggle for socialism tomorrow.”

Webb continued to discuss the “catastrophe” that would befall humanity if we did not begin living in a more environmentally friendly manner, before declaring socialism to be “imperative…to preserve peace and our planet, expand democracy, eliminate gross racial, gender, and other forms of inequality, and to provide a secure life for the billions living on this earth.”

But how, exactly, does the party propose to transform America’s system of governing?

The first step, according to People’s World– where the official Communist Party USA Twitter page directs readers– is to defeat right-wing “extremism” (presumably at the aforementioned ballot box).

Sam Webb speaking at the CPUSA Convention (Photo: People's World)

Sam Webb speaking at the CPUSA Convention (Photo: People's World)

One such Republican to defeat is likely Rep. Allen West of Florida, who has been criticized for noting that there are likely 80 members of Congress who may be Communists.

Rather than deny the charge, Communist Party Vice-Chairman Libero Della Piana remarked: “Is he saying that he would not support the democratic right of the people to elect communists to Congress if that was, in fact, what they wanted to do at some point in the future?”

Once Republicans are successfully subdued, Webb believes that communists will join with workers in an “anti-corporate” struggle.

“[But] this stage of struggle doesn’t supplant capitalism,” he explained.  Rather, it “brings the socialist stage closer as tens of millions become convinced in the course of the struggle that capitalism doesn’t work for them” [Emphasis added].

Finally, after a shift among the “core forces” for social change, the Communist Party and other leftist organizations will finally succeed in becoming “the people’s government.”

In this stage, Webb explained, it is important to “control the movement of capital, [institute] a tax policy that weighs heavily on the wealthy, and [place] under democratic control sectors of the economy, such as finance, that are a threat to the peoples’ government and a socialist revolution” [Emphasis added].

While many have long-dismissed the Communist Party and other leftist organizations as fringe political movements, their influence among vocal groups like Occupy Wall Street has granted them more consideration in recent months.

“We are still too small,” Webb said, “but the good news is that we’re growing.”

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About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

Gallery: The Cost Of Liberty

Nothing a precious as liberty is acquired and retained without cost. Historically, that cost comes in the form of sweat, blood and tears.

Battle of Bunker Hill by Percy Moran

Battle of Bunker Hill by Percy Moran

"Yorktown" by H. Charles McBarron for "Soldiers of the American Revolution"

"Yorktown" by H. Charles McBarron for "Soldiers of the American Revolution"

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"Stand Your Ground" by Don Troiani

About The Author: Erica M. is the Managing Editor of Radical Survivalism Magazine.

New Bible Translation Replaces “Christ,” “Angel” & “Apostle”

By Billy Hallowell | | On April 20th, 2012

There’s a new Bible translation in town. ”The Voice,” an apparently easier-to-digest format that is aimed at reaching those individuals who may own a Bible, but who rarely or never read it, is taking some interesting avenues to help ensure that people better comprehend the Good Book.

Here’s the controversial part: The words “angel,“ ”apostle” and — “Christ” have been removed from the translation. It‘s not that these themes aren’t present in the newfound Biblical interpretation. Instead, the translators have chosen alternatives. For instance, Jesus Christ is now “Jesus the Anointed One.” The meaning is still there, but the traditional semantics have been altered.

Here’s a video that further explains the project:

CNN’s Belief Blog provides more about this new, purportedly easier-to-comprehend Biblical version:
Professor David Capes says the Bible “is probably the most owned and least read book out there. That’s because, for many, it’s too difficult to understand.”

The “own it but haven’t read it” demographic is his target market, says Capes, who teaches the New Testament at Houston Baptist University and was part of a team that compiled “The Voice,” a new translation of the King James Bible. Capes told CNN that the motivation behind the translation, seven years in the making, was to emphasize the meaning behind the words.

“‘The Voice’ considers the narrative links that help us to understand the drama and passion of story that is present in the original languages,” according to the website for the book. “The tone of the writing, the format of the page, and the directness of the dialog allows the tradition of passing down the biblical narrative to come through in ‘The Voice.’”

Rather than re-writing the Bible, those scholars and individuals behind the seven-year project apparently wanted to help readers, as The Christian Post reports, “hear God speaking.”

Despite these intentions and a major publisher — Thomas Nelson — backing the project, some critics have been railing against the translation. The Post has more about those who see the project as a disaster of Biblical proportions (pun intended):
On the website “Life More Abundant,“ poster ”Coralie” commented that the format of The Voice, which includes commentary in the body of the text, was a concern.

“The … effect of the inclusion of midstream commentary is the blurring of the line between inspired word and human opinion,” wrote Coralie.

“My fear in our postmodern world is not that a new reader would take the commentary as the very word of God, but that he would read the words of God with the casual ease of another form of commentary.”

The blog “Extreme Theology,” an apologetics website, declared that The Voice was a “distorted version of the Bible.”

Below, watch a CNN interview that further describes the process of putting “The Voice” together:

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About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.