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Prepper Wedding

prepper-wedding-radical-survivalismPrepper, Homesteader, Minimalist…It’s a lifestyle and a choice. Decisions are weighed out carefully regarding multiple variables. What does it cost, can it be reused, how will it improve our life? When it comes to your big day, this can make budgeting a huge challenge.

You’re an outdoorsy type, maybe a hunter, a hiker, maybe a bit of a tomboy, or not…Maybe you’re having difficulty relating your future zombie chaser style into a wedding that not only makes sense, but will look good on you, too!

Here at RSW, we are a prepping, homesteading, minimalist family so we understand how our chosen lifestyle impacts our end game. We understand the struggle because, we live it, too! If we spend too much money on something, will we have less toilet paper? Will we have less canned food put away? Will we feel less prepared? And worse, will we feel less empowered?

About The Author: MOTH (Mother Of The House) is the Co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Radical Survivalism Webzine.