That’s All Folks?

I’ve spent countless hours over the past year or so processing as much of what is happening on the US stage as I can muster, and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the time for planning future preps is now over. It pains me to admit it, but I believe we may now be living in the final few days of our peaceful Republic.

I do hope I am wrong, but so much has happened in the last year – Never ending quantitative easing and a stock market that makes no sense whatsoever, nationwide voter fraud, the global pandemic, nationwide communist-run BLM protests, and countless other destabilizing threats from both home and abroad- have lead me to the decision to record this message.

I believe wholeheartedly that our nation’s probability of escaping this mess is very slim, and I personally think it’s time we all accept the reality of where we’re at – we are now in a state of societal collapse.

I believe families would now be wise to literally drop everything they are doing and finish their preps immediately!

Be sure you now have:

  • As much food and water stored as you can muster
  • As many basic medical supplies (first aid) as you can store
  • Canning supplies- Alternate ways to cook food (redundancy)
  • Space to break ground & the tools for growing food
  • Seeds (heirloom)
  • An escape plan for you property in place
  • Camping/bug-out gear
  • Cash and some silver on hand
  • Power generator and/or solar system
  • Alternative heat sources (redundancy)
  • Batteries
  • HAM/GMRS radios
  • Plywood (for your windows)
  • Means to protect yourself & family
  • Spare parts for ANYTHING that you cannot afford to break
  • Extra fuel (store it safely!)
  • Flashlights & glow sticks

Bonus points for:

  • Barbed wire & basic structural lumber
  • A hardened bug-out vehicle
  • A reliable homesteading team
  • Access to remote wilderness area(s)
  • Tools for maintaining your teeth
  • Power generator with many extension cords
  • Horses & tack
  • Soap-making supplies
  • Lots of firewood
  • Axes
  • Chainsaws

Again, I feel that the time to plan has run out. If things do start to go horribly wrong in the coming days, you do NOT want to be out in the chaos trying to gather supplies with a panicked public. Just do yourself a favor and finish your preps now – just in case.

Many blessings to you and yours.


News Reporter
RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with over seven years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.