Are you and your family members confident that you are prepared for a natural or man-made disaster? If a disaster occurs, realistically, how soon can your family recover? Do you know how to plan for a disaster? Do you need a preparedness plan if you have homeowners/auto/medical insurance? What do you do if  you and the rest of your family members are not all on the same page regarding disaster preparedness?

Simply put, when disaster strikes, a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan can mitigate the negative impact of the event and its aftermath on your family, and can increase your chances you will be among the survivors instead of the victims. Our staff and our partners together offer extensive specialized experience in many emergency preparedness fields. When you call on us, we are committed to providing you with specialized consulting services to assist you in managing the impact an emergency has on your family and property. Not only will we offer our knowledge and experience in creating a preparedness plan with you, we will also assist you in optimizing it so it truly meets your goals and needs.

We Offer Custom Comprehensive Solutions For Families at Affordable Prices

It is our job to analyze your family’s strengths and weaknesses in the area of disaster preparedness, as well as potential threats that could impact it in a negative way, and to assist you in implementing working solutions that will reduce the impact of a potentially disastrous event on your family.

No two families are alike. This is especially true in regards to preparedness planning. We are committed to providing truly customized solutions to assist you in meeting the unique challenges of your own preparedness goals and needs. We strive to provide you with emergency disaster preparedness solutions that are both efficient and that meet your budget.

We Look Forward to Serving You with Integrity and Trust

It is our sincere wish to deliver superior service. We would be happy to privately review and discuss the preparedness goals and needs of your family at your earliest convenience.

Our Areas Of Expertise

We offer consulting services on variety of survival-related topics including relocation, communications, firearms, privacy concerns, communications security, food storage, supply caching, bug-out vehicles, tactical gear, and retreat location security.

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Our fee for consultation via phone is $70 per hour, with a 1/2-hour minimum. Additional travel expenses may apply for on-site consulting. Please contact us for a written quote.

You are welcome to send your pre-payment to our PayPal account. Our PayPal email address is: . Be sure to include your e-mail address, phone number, and the best time to schedule the call within the Paypal payment instructions.

The Fine Print

Due to the nature of the services offered, all consulting is done on a pre-payment basis, and there are no refunds once services are rendered.

Radical Survivalism, its staff, and its partners shall not be held liable for any damages to persons or property arising out of the use or misuse of the advise offered to any client or individual.

We do not discuss any potentially criminal activities such as the making of explosives or explosive devices, poaching, creation of chemical or biological weapons or booby traps, fully automatic firearms conversions, firearms suppressor construction, ransoming, or use of interrogation techniques.

We do not share, sell or lend client information to anyone without prior written consent of the client. This includes instances where third party partners are enlisted in order to provide specialized services as part of the consultation.