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prepper-wedding-radical-survivalismPrepper, Homesteader, Minimalist…It’s a lifestyle and a choice. Decisions are weighed out carefully regarding multiple variables. What does it cost, can it be reused, how will it improve our life? When it comes to your big day, this can make budgeting a huge challenge.

You’re an outdoorsy type, maybe a hunter, a hiker, maybe a bit of a tomboy, or not…Maybe you’re having difficulty relating your future zombie chaser style into a wedding that not only makes sense, but will look good on you, too!

Here at RSW, we are a prepping, homesteading, minimalist family so we understand how our chosen lifestyle impacts our end game. We understand the struggle because, we live it, too! If we spend too much money on something, will we have less toilet paper? Will we have less canned food put away? Will we feel less prepared? And worse, will we feel less empowered?

TIP: Always have a notebook handy so you can jot down those spur of the moment inspirations. Why a notebook? Minimalists may rely on the Cloud for saved info, but homesteaders and preppers typically prefer a written record. You can set a budget and keep track of your spending so you don’t have any surprises later on. This is really important: set a budget for each category. If it looks like you will have money left over in one category, then you can apply the difference to a different category. For example, flowers cheaper than you thought? Then add an appetizer or another food station. (Or, buy more toilet paper!)

Here’s an idea that will save you possibly hundreds of dollars: Yes! You can make and design your own wedding cake! Better yet, enlist a friend or family member. Some big box stores and hobby stores are carrying nested (graduated size) cake pans by Wilton. We LOVE “naked” wedding cake layers! You can stack your layers with a luscious filling and minimal frosting, actually leaving the cake showing through. This is great for people who don’t have perfect frosting skills or who will never obtain a PhD in fondant assembly. Here’s a hint: fondant doesn’t taste as good as it looks. Decorate with edible pearls, fresh mint sprigs, fruit, berries, or other edible flowers such as lavender, borage, and nasturtiums.

prepper-wedding-radical-survivalismTIP: have plenty of refrigerator room to store cake layers and assemble at the reception area. Fold up with shipping tape cardboard boxes to transport the cake layers. You can also purchase cake boards at big box stores in the wedding section by the crafts!

When it comes to flowers, this is another huge expense that can be drastically scaled back without making your wedding appear anything less than amazing. Consider silk flowers in mason or plain glass jars weighted with glass drops from the hobby or dollar store. If fresh is your style, consider fresh flowers for the bridal bouquet and boutonnière and compromise for silk or dried for the bridesmaids and centerpieces. For our centerpieces, we traveled to Detroit to a large craft store and purchased light weight vases and silk flowers in the colors of our wedding theme. Add a battery operated fairy light. We used these vases for gifts for our immediate family to take home after the reception as we were married on Christmas Eve. We purchased jar labels that had a downloadable template to print at home for our wedding favors that were small bail closure jars filled with red and green M&M’s.

TIP: Contact your chain grocery store that has a floral department. Make a contact there who is your go-to person from beginning to end. Estimate what you will need for your flower requirements. Include extras in case of brown leaves/petals or breakage. Let your contact know this is for your wedding and for what date and time someone will be there to pick up your flowers. If you don’t feel comfortable with their ability to get this done on your schedule, then move on to another option. Don’t forget to include greenery and/baby’s breath for accent. Ask your contact to get you the price ahead of making your commitment to purchase. Get ribbon with crystals, feathers, sparkly picks, floral tape, floral wire and the bouquet holder from Hobby Lobby. Check their website for additional sizes and colors for bouquet holders. Keep in mind you will want extra refrigerator space to store your flowers. Check YouTube for flower and bow tutorials. Less is more is now the fashion statement so keeping it simple is the way to go.

THE dress can be another huge expense. Thrift stores can be a great place to start. Traditional gowns don’t thrill you? Consider brides maid dresses in your chosen color. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! Not interested in thrift store finds? Look for moving sales, demo dress sales, and last year design sales.

TIP: Upcycle a corset dress by changing the ribbon to your wedding color and hand stitching beads or bits of lace on the bodice or skirt. Need alterations? Check with your local bridal stores. Many offer alterations for dresses not purchased in their store.

prepper-wedding-radical-survivalismThe food…for starters, skip pre-wedding appetizers. I swear, I think the wedding shows started this nonsense with caterers just so the caterers can make more money! “Sit down, Per Person Plates” are an indulgence that just isn’t necessary. Appetizer stations are much more festive than full meals. Also, appetizer stations don’t require a serving staff. Popcorn bars are much more affordable than a candy bar. Speaking of bars, a signature cocktail will save you loads over having an open bar.

Well, prepper gal (or guy,) we’ve got some handpicked wedding ideas just for you! Your wedding can reflect who you are without costing a fortune and most of these ideas are strictly DIY! Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for your lifestyle…Prepper, Minimalist, Homesteader, we’ve got you covered.

TIP: Sign up on line for JoAnns coupons sent to your email for ribbon and fabric. Search on line for Hobby Lobby coupons for 40% off a single item that isn’t already on sale and you can show the image (usually-that has been my experience,) to the cashier from your phone.

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