I remember the first days. I remember the first few things I put in my Amazon wish list. I left some of them there as a reminder. RSOPerator was a challenge. If we would have had a sandbox, he would have literally stuck his head in it. We went through the push pull of it all like many married couples do. Then it was money, and how do we spend it. And why.

Many years ago, I had read a fictional novel about a super flu and I had been haunted since I was a child on the possibility of collapse. Really, when it comes down to it, I’m just a mom who wants to protect her family. From whatever may come. And in any way I can.

We are a family of three, like many others cutting it too close for comfort on paychecks. We are constantly evolving to balance a preparedness lifestyle while keeping one eye on the future. We live on a small plot of land, only 4 acres, but very livable in terms of the prepper/homesteader/minimalist mindset.

So why Radical Survivalism? The name is pretty far out, and in the beginning, we typically felt compelled to defend or explain it in some fashion. We suppose because we were afraid people would think we were militia oriented and we’re not. Honestly, we thought it was cool name, standing out in the crowd amongst many “prep” named websites. We felt the name implied a sense of urgency, and because we live a lifestyle we call survivalism. We realized after spending a lot of time on Twitter with online prepper people, that we had a lot to talk about, so the webzine was born. Not because we are experts on any or all kind of disasters, but because we’ve come a long way since day one of beginning our prepping journey. We’ve become experts in the daily events of living while prepping. And that can be a lot tougher than it sounds. We’ve made mistakes, too. We want to share our story, because in doing so, we learn others stories. And every individual has something of value to share. Every person, young or old, has something we can all learn from. There is no right or wrong way to live preparedness. The only failure may be in doing nothing at all.

News Reporter
MOTH (Mother Of The House) is the Co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Radical Survivalism Webzine.