Survival is the principal goal of every species – this is what Charles Darwin said. Obviously, he was right, especially speaking about humans. Human species has seen it all and still remains. But, what if a new global disaster occurs and you will have to take care of your own self and your family? Probably, evolution will be one of the very last things you’ll be thinking about.

Protection Is the Priority

Before you start making sorties, looking for provisions, weapons, clean water, and other essential things, you will have to prepare for one. You can’t go out in the middle of ruin and expect to be completely safe. You can get attacked by other people, who are trying to survive themselves, but have probably lost the understanding of life’s sanctity. You don’t want to fall a victim at hands of some bloodthirsty crazies. This is where proper protection comes in handy.

There’s no better protection for your body, than body armor. Depending on situation, you will benefit from various types of body armor. However, any kind of body protection is better, than nothing. If you have any kinds of athletic pads, they can work as body armor for quite some time. They won’t save from bullets or heavy cold weapons, but they can protect you from fractures, bruises, and a lot of other injuries you can get, when completely unprotected.

Look for the Best Body Armor You Can Get

While athletic pads are better, than nothing, real body armor is the best. Whether you can figure a stab proof body armor set or bullet proof vest, you will be much better protected, than using athletic pads. A helmet would be useful as well. Never stick to the armor you’ve got used to, because you can simply overlook a much better option. The better you are protected, the better are your chances for survival. You can never know who’s going to attack you and what weapon they will use.

Consider Preparing in Advance

The best way to get properly protected is to prepare in advance. There are tons of body armor products available on the market today. Unfortunately, no one has all time in the world, so don’t postpone it for tomorrow, and then for tomorrow, and then for tomorrow, and so on. There are regular retail stores selling body armor of all types and models and there are quite many online stores such as with even larger assortments. In other words, only the lazy person thinking of getting prepared for survival won’t spend a day or two on finding the best body armor.

Ask your own self, if you will have a real opportunity to figure a tactical body armor set, when the world falls apart? Probably not, so why not do it today, when you have the funds, the time, and a lot of options? Preparing for survival in advance is a rather smart thing to do.

We’re hearing that the North Korea is about to launch a nuclear bomb to the USA day after day. Who knows – maybe it’s just a verbal threat and a desire to declare of the country’s might or it could be a real thing. And what if it turns out to be the real thing? Perhaps, this is a no-brainer.

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