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By RSOPerator

Community Living Vs. Going It Alone:

Living within a small community of like-minded neighbors has its advantages. A small cluster of neighboring homes is easier to defend than a single, isolated home. Why? Multiple families mean more available manpower, and that in itself is a deterrent to theft or looting. A group of homes all populated with skilled individuals who are capable of pooling their resources and working together is a much more difficult target from the eyes of a small raiding party, let alone a rogue looter.

More manpower is clearly better than less when it comes to work rotation, completion of strenuous tasks, and successfully fending off dangerous trespassers.

The key to successful community living during the tragic times we may very well be facing will be the ability of the residents to coordinate efforts and successfully work together to achieve their shared goals. Without that skill set, you very well may end up with a group of folks who, in a crisis, are confused, unprepared and too panic-stricken to act, even when acting is the only thing that will save the community.

The apparent disadvantage of being part of a small community in an ongoing or post disaster situation is that a small, isolated community potentially yields more spoils if it is successfully looted than a single residence might, which might make for a higher value target for a larger or more skilled and confident raiding party.

Personal Preparedness

Last, and arguably the most important part of protecting your home and property is for you to be armed with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make good decisions about protecting your residence. Whatever you do and whatever fortifications you decide to install, do not skimp on what you can afford or what you are able to implement. You should use all that you have at your disposal to the absolute fullest because your life and the lives of your family members will depend on it.

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