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Making Butter
Making Butter

Making butter is surprisingly easy! I literally shocked myself the first time, as I had that little nagging voice in the back of my head saying “you have at least got to try this, and if you fail DON’T tell anyone!” I mean, how could I lose? I had frozen some whipping cream and had no idea what to do with it! So, it sat in my freezer. Then,  I came across youtube videos and thought: “ let’s do this!”

So I pulled out my frozen whipping cream (note: 33% by Dairyland, nothing special, just grocery store whipping cream,) sat it in the fridge to defrost for 1-2 days until completely thawed (or so I thought.) I then pulled out my food processor and poured in just enough cream to cover the blades and turn it on (yes, I had the lid on.)  In less than 10 minutes the cream “broke” and I had butter and butter milk!!

I was so amazed my family thought I had lost it! After explaining what I had accomplished they wanted to see proof! So I did another batch and voila! Again, perfect! The third batch, not so much, as my whipping cream still had frozen chunks it it and wouldn’t “break” entirely. I transferred this to a bowl and left it to thaw a little more.

I started another batch, this time, a little too much cream! To my embarrassment, even though the lid was on, it leaked. After draining some of the cream to a proper level, I set it to mix, and much better! After the “half broke” batch was thawed enough I returned it to the food processor and it was saved- it did separate.

After all butter was separated, I put the buttermilk into a mason jar. Then I began the washing process. Now this is where I couldn’t find details, so I did what I thought I should. I squished and rinsed the butter in ice cold water, until the water ran clear. Then placed the butter into a tea towel and wrung out as much liquid as I could. I then put the butter into a container, washed my hands of the greasy goo, and dealt with the kids.

When I came back to the butter, I noticed it was sweating milky liquid, which told me I didn’t get all the buttermilk out. Leaving the buttermilk in the butter will cause the butter to quickly go rancid. So I washed it again, not gently this time, but literally squished it between my fingers like play-doh until the water baths were clean. It took three good ‘washes.’

I then filled the sink ½ the height of the bowl. I had the butter in the bowl and drained off any excess water. I then started flattening and mashing the butter against the side of the bowl, draining off the water. This process went on until I couldn’t squish out anymore water. It was done!

I then divided the butter into three separate containers: a salted one, one plain, and added garlic seasoning to the third.

OMG! I’ve never loved butter until that very moment.

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Special thanks to yycbusymom for the guest-post!

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