The Art Of Bugging Out
The Art Of Bugging Out

By: The Covert Prepper

Bugging out of, or evacuating, our homes is a last ditch effort to stay alive in a dynamic and turbulent situation. It must be the last thing that a prepper can do, or should do. You’re not just bugging out, you’re becoming a refugee.

So if you only have a minute in which to evacuate, such as a train derailment that is leaking poisonous gas, consider this plan:

  1. Everyone gets dressed appropriately, including shoes and boots, coats and jackets
  2. Grab your bug out bag
  3. Grab sleeping gear. Include Teddy Bears for the little ones
  4. Everyone walks out of the house as a group.
  5. If a person is missing, grab their stuff so they will have it when they reach your location.

If you have about 5-10 minutes to evacuate, you’ll have more time to get more stuff in a vehicle and leave. Delegate age-appropriate areas of responsibility to children and work as a team. Once a person has completed their tasks, they need to help another complete theirs.

Follow the first 5 steps

People can be assigned to get the following to the vehicle. Assign as necessary

  • Food preps
  • Important documents
  • Laptops
  • Weapons and ammo
  • 1st aid kit and toiletries (like toilet paper)
  • Water containers and filters
  • Camping gear
  • Fishing gear

Make a check list for each person so they have a list in hand so nothing is forgotten.

Once these things are out to the vehicle, someone should secure the utilities while the vehicle is being packed. Everyone in the family or group should know how to secure the utilities if they should be asked to. Once everything is packed, then the bug out bags are carried in by each person LAST. You may need to abandon the vehicle, so keep the BOB’s handy. Don’t forget to pack distraction stuff for kids like books, games, music, whatever to keep them mellow. And you need to stay calm.

If you have more time, about 30 minutes, add this to your check list:

  • Fill any containers, and the bathtub with water for your return.
  • If there is room in the vehicle, pack more food and water in the spaces.
  • Lock all doors and windows. Remove any window A/C units and then lock them up.

So just a few pointers:

  1. Put a red zip tie on everything that will be used to bug out. If there is no zip tie, don’t grab it
  2. Put your evacuation point in your GPS NOW to avoid being rushed at the last minute
  3. Have at least four routes to your destination in mind. And share this with everyone you are grouped with.
  4. Tell or text people when and where you are going, and when you have arrived at your destination.
  5. If you are separated from the family or group, don’t waste time trying to contact anyone until you are in the vehicle and on the road. Just plan on meeting at the agreed upon point.

Special thanks to The Covert Prepper for the guest-post. Posted here with permission. To read more from The Covert Prepper, please visit

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