Handgun Of The Year Winner: Ruger LC9
Handgun Of The Year Winner: Ruger LC9

In the January 2012 issue of Guns Magazine, FMG Publications  has announced The Ruger LC9 as the 2011 Academy of Excellence “Handgun Of The Year”.

According to Guns Magazine, the LC9 weighs 17 ounces, and is 6 inches in overall length. It’s 9mm caliber insures adequate stopping power for self-defense, and the 3-dot sights, 7+1 capacity, and glass-filled nylon frame adds to this already award-winning package.

The Academy of Excellence Awards are decided not by the FMG Publications staff, but by a cross-section of manufactures, dealers, distributors and independent writers throughout the firearms industry.

FMG Publications says: … The academy has garnered a reputation for finest objectivity, and a spotless record for plainly being the vehicle that people involved in the industry use to make their votes known.”

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