Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series
Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series

Personal Defense Network, creators of the Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series, says:

“The Personal Defense Network has created the Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series to help teach you how to use your firearm to defend yourself, your family or those you care about.

Rob Pincus, premiere firearms trainer and managing editor of Personal Defense Network, will teach you step-by-step techniques for defensive training with efficiency and consistency.”

The DVD I received for review was entitled “Shooting In Realistic Environments” and the instructor (Rob Pincus) succeeds in providing instruction that thoroughly covers the specific subject matter. A number of questions I’ve personally wrestled with regarding the use of my handgun in real life scenarios were answered in a very direct way when I watched the DVD.

The DVD is comprised of the following:

  • Opening
  • Three Safety Rules
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Lateral Movement
  • Balancing Speed & Precision
  • Critical Incident Reloading
  • Threats in a Realistic Environment
  • Dynamic Shooting Session A
  • Figure-8 Drill
  • Dynamic Shooting Session B
  • Closing

The DVD also includes bonus segments covering two additional quick tips and a final chapter entitled “Who is Rob Pincus?”

I find that Rob is very wordy when he instructs, and there’s not a single adjective that frightens him, so be prepared to listen as well as watch. He walks the students featured in this video through helpful indoor shooting drills, as well as 360 degree defensive handgun training. Everything presented is set-up to resemble what one would likely experience in defending against attackers inside the home, or in common urban settings.

I enjoyed watching and learning from the DVD, and give the Shooting In Realistic Environments DVD 5 out of a possible 5 stars. I highly recommend it to anyone who owns a handgun and is not professionally trained in defensive handgun tactics.

Review sample courtesy of Personal Defense Network. You can purchase the DVD series directly from their online store.

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