SRM Arms 1216 Tactical Shotgun
SRM Arms 1216 Tactical Shotgun

SRM Arms Inc., manufacturer of the SRM 1216 says: “Introducing America’s next tactical and home-defense, semi-automatic shotgun, the SRM Model 1216. This revolutionary new design features a 16-round detachable magazine. The 1216 provides force multiplication and unsurpassed firepower for a single operator. With an ambidextrous shooting design, picatinny rail, and triple-faced hand-guard, the 1216 is a paradigm shift in the tactical shotgun industry. Additional NFA short-barreled models feature a 12-round (1212 model) or 8-round (1208 model) magazine.”

• Length (Overall): 32 ½ inches
• Length (Barrel): 18 inches
• Empty Weight (lbs.): 7.25
• Magazine Type: Detachable – High Capacity – Manually Indexing
• Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds
• Action Type: Semi-Automatic
• Cartridge: 12 gauge, 2¾ or 3 inch
• Round Types: Game Loads, Trap Loads, Slugs, #00 Buck, Other Specialty Rounds
• Retail Price: $2,400

The SRM 1216 Tactical shotgun can be purchased online from SRM Arms

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