Biggs Barton
Biggs Barton

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs in his best-seller “Wealth, War and Wisdom” warns, “Plan now for a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure. Your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food. It should be well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc. Think Swiss Family Robinson.”

Biggs also warns that you will be wise to”Stock an arsenal of guns and ammo: A few rounds over the approaching brigands heads would probably be a compelling persuader that there are easier farms to pillage.” Yes, that’s how the future looks to the world’s so called leading Doomsday Capitalist.

Biggs sees the world much like anthropologist Jared Diamond, author of “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed,” the man who tells us that “one of the disturbing facts of history is that so many civilizations collapse.” That many “civilizations share a sharp curve of decline,” beginning “only a decade or two after it reaches its peak population, wealth and power.” For us, that would be around 2020.

Biggs joined Morgan Stanley over three decades ago. As Morgan’s chief global strategist, Institutional Investor magazine placed Biggs on their “All-America Research Team” 10 times. SmartMoney called him the “premier prognosticator on the international scene and a mover of markets from Argentina to Hong Kong.” Today he runs Traxis Partners, a successful hedge fund.

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  1. Welp. Not sure that I believe anything that comes out of a hedge fund manager’s mouth, but in the case, I concur. I don’t think there will be an “overnight” collapse. In a historical context, I think it will be very fast (10 to 20 years) but will feel long and drawn out to those of us that have to survive the transition.

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