Twenty five years ago, I could see a change coming in our political climate. Although being only 21 at the time, I was more worried about things like how I was going to pay the bills, work two jobs, and raise two boys. I wasn’t fully aware then about what was going on locally, state wide, nationally, or even across the globe. In the last 25 years I have seen many laws passed that chip away at our individual freedoms. The United States is NO longer the land of the free.

We have elected law makers who come up with legislation designed to “protect us” or to prevent citizens from offending some other culture or ethnic group living within our borders.

I remember saying the Lords Prayer, then The Pledge of Allegiance in grade school. The Lords Prayer in school is now long-gone, and now some public schools no longer allow the reciting of The Pledge.

I also remember getting to raise and lower the American Flag at school, and learning how to fold it the proper way.

I remember it being OK to display the Ten Commandments in our court houses, but now this actually offends people!

When dining in a restaurant, I remember being asked if I’d prefer smoking or nonsmoking. Now that has been banned in nearly all public places, and now our government is working on a law to ban you from smoking in your car. Next will likely be your own home!

In New York there is no salt on the tables in restaurants. Why? If I want it on my food it should be my choice!

I have to drive with my seat belt on, or risk getting a ticket. Why? If I chose not to protect myself and get hurt or die in a car crash, it should be my decision.

I feel we have way too many “law makers” creating legislation merely to justify their existence, or seemingly to curb the ignorance and stupidity of their constituents.

And mark my words, these people within our government want to dictate what car you drive, how many babies you can or should have. They want to take control over all your health care decisions.  At the rate they are going now, soon you may be unable to cross a county or state line without permission.

It’s past the time where WE THE PEOPLE need to wake up and pull this great nation of ours back from the edge of the destruction. it’s time to regain our personal freedoms.


News Reporter