Gear Review: Stealth Body Armor By SafeGuard Armor

Stealth body armor made by SafeGuard Armor, LLC is manufactured from 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® armor panels enclosed in a CoolMAX® outer vest carrier. Stealth is the sleek design in their line of body armor products specifically intended to be worn concealed, under a shirt or jacket.

The amazing technology employed in creating Stealth body armor is evident in the final product weight. It is a much lighter when compared to any of the vintage military-style flak jackets, yet boasts truly amazing specifications with regard to stopping live rounds from penetrating the panels.

There are many configurations of Stealth armor to choose from, allowing the intended wearer to customize his or her vest based on the balance of available budget versus desired level of protection. Individual options available to choose from include Ballistic Level II, Level IIIa; Edged Blade Level 1, Level 2; and Spike Level 1 or Level 2.

The Ballistic Threat Level II option offers protection against any round fired into the vest up to a 9mm 124 grain FMJ traveling at 1175 ft/sec (358m/sec). Level IIIa armor protects the wearer from rounds up to .44 Magnum 240 grain moving at 1400 ft/sec. (427m/sec).

Upon viewing multiple online video demonstrations of the Ballistic Threat Level II vest absorbing 9mm handgun rounds, it became quite obvious it works as intended. After what I’ve seen, there’s no mistaking its ability to protect the wearer from traumatic gunshot wounds.

The Stealth vest is designed to be worn concealed, and as such, is designed to cover and protect only vital organs high in the torso, leaving the lower portion exposed. This is a trade-off to a vertically taller design which would shift upward and bulge awkwardly when the wearer tries sitting or squatting.

Stealth body armor boasts a 5 Year Warranty, and is certified and tested in full compliance with the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0101.03/04 standards, this according to SafeGuard Armor.

Also available in black.
Stealth body armor is available in white or black (pictured).

Stealth body armor is available in either a Black or White outer carrier, and comes in 7 sizes, allowing for a correct fit for virtually any frame size. Even though it is manufactured in such a wide range of sizes and is highly adjustable via the wide Velcro bands, the fit is not ideal for women with a high bust-to-waist ratio. But then again, no worn-to-be-concealed body armor is.

Stealth body armor is shipped in a black, heavy-weight, nylon zippered carry bag which includes convenient handles. This is a nice bonus!

To order yours online, or to inquire further, you can contact SafeGuard Armor at:

SafeGuard ARMOR™ LLC
1925 Timberline Road, N19
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 626-6038

Review sample courtesy of SafeGuard Armor!

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