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RSW Welcomes JM Bullion – Our New Precious Metals Partner

Our newest online partner goes by the name of JM Bullion. If you have never heard of JM that is because they are a relatively new company, though you wouldn’t think that by the way they handle their business. As they sell everything gold and silver it does not matter whether you are a multi-million dollar investor or a new investor just getting started, JM Bullion will be able to serve your needs. is known for offering the lowest prices for gold and silver on the web, which makes it easy to understand why they have quickly become so popular. Perhaps the most attractive quality of JM Bullion’s website is the fact that they do not have a minimum order requirement for you to be able to make a purchase. Every customer is treated with the utmost respect and care which really highlights JM Bullion’s customer-centric attitude.

If your browse other online dealers of precious metals, you will likely find a large quantity of sites that only allow you to pay for your order via one payment method. Understanding that this can be frustrating, JM Bullion offers three different payment methods as to make your life easier. The three methods are listed as follows:

• Credit/Debit Cards ($0-$3,000 Orders)

• Paper Check/Money Order/Cashier’s Check ($0-$10,000)-4% Discount

• Bank Wire ($2,500-$100,000)-4% Discount

After paying for your order, it will be shipped to you within three or four business days via UPS or USPS.

JM Bullion is an overall top quality dealer of precious metals. When I say quality, I mean much more than the condition of the coins and bars they sell, rather I am talking about how they run their business as a whole. Whether it be customer service, product selection, or anything in between, quality can accurately describe just about all of JM’s business practices. Every order is checked, and rechecked, and checked again before being dispatched to you, the customer, as to ensure that you are caused as few headaches as humanly possible.

Another reason to shop at JM Bullion is because you do not have to worry about buying across international borders or dealing with having your product shipped from an entirely different country. Being that JM Bullion is headquartered in the United States and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, you have nothing to worry about as far as their legitimacy is concerned.

During economic times that are as unpredictable as these, investing in physical assets such as gold and silver is never a bad idea. You do not have to have millions of dollars to invest, and the investing process is likely easier than you think. Do not get caught up the stream of the next economic collapse without a paddle, get your hands on precious metals now.

About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

Book Preview: The Survivalist (Frontier Justice)

New! The Survivalist (Frontier Justice) by Dr. Arthur T. Bradley


The Superpox-99 virus has wiped out nearly the entire human race. Governments have collapsed. Cities have become graveyards filled with unspeakable horror. People have resorted to scavenging from the dead, or taking from the living. The entire industrialized world has become a wasteland of abandoned cars, decaying bodies, and feral animals.

To stay alive, U.S. Deputy Marshal Mason Raines must forage for food, water, and gasoline while outgunning those who seek to take advantage of the apocalyptic anarchy. Together with his giant Irish wolfhound, Bowie, he aligns with survivors of the town of Boone in a life and death struggle against a gang of violent criminals. With each deadly encounter, Mason is forced to accept his place as one of the nation’s few remaining lawmen. In a world now populated by escaped convicts, paranoid mutants, and government hit squads, his only hope to save the townspeople is to enforce his own brand of frontier justice.

Halfway across the country, a killer is released from prison. With hopes set on a fresh start, he rescues a young girl desperate to get home. As they travel across the wasteland that once was the United States, they must call upon every bit of strength and courage to survive not only the horrors of the new world but also a violent government agenda.


  • Paperback: 198 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 18, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 148274631X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1482746310
  • Current Price: $11.66 on
  • Boasts a FIVE star rating!

Author’s Biography

Dr. Arthur Bradley holds a doctorate in engineering from Auburn University and currently works for NASA. Having lived all across the United States, he writes from personal experience about preparing for a wide variety of disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, house fires, massive snowstorms, electromagnetic pulse attacks, and solar storms. He has been featured in the New York Times, Money magazine, the Toronto Sun, Popular Mechanics, Men’s Journal, and numerous radio shows.

Dr Bradley subscribes to the philosophy that preparedness should always be motivated by love and concern, never by fear and paranoia. His practical approach to family preparedness has received widespread praise from individuals, emergency preparedness groups, and religious organizations. He is the author of several highly acclaimed books on disaster preparedness, including the “Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family,” “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms,” the “Prepper’s Instruction Manual,” and “The Survivalist (Frontier Justice).” He conducts free seminars around the world, teaching individuals and families how to establish effective disaster preparedness plans.

Get it now:

About The Author: RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. RSOP's many preparedness roles within his own group include team mechanic, head of security, electrician, and project designer/engineer.

RV Ops: Preparing Your Base Camp

Entering into a survivalist situation often means having to think on your feet. And sometimes, it means having to think on your back as well. Or, to be more specific, about how and where you intend to bunker down each night.

Preparing a camp isn’t simply a matter of pitching a tent and unrolling a sleeping mat. There are all sorts of things to consider when you’re in a survivalist situation; such as, how to make fire without being seen, how to sleep (or not) on wet ground, and how you should prepare for inclement weather or hostile conditions.

With these factors in mind, it becomes clear that preparing a base camp will take careful consideration. But if you prepare in advance you’ll find that, when it comes time to put your plans into action, everything will go smoothly.

Packing for a Survivalist Situation

When it comes to packing, the old adage is ‘pack light’. But when it comes to preparing your base camp, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on any of the essentials. You basic camping kit should contain:

  • A medical kit, including antiseptic, plasters and bandages.
  • Food; dry goods, energy bars and tins.
  • Water, and a water purifying system.
  • A cooker, and cooking equipment.
  • Firelighters, including a tinder box and flints.
  • A sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent, AND
  • A hammock.
  • A navigation kit, including torch, compass, notebook, map etc.
  • Sharps and tools, including a hatchet, Swiss army knife and safety pin.

These items will form the basis of your survival checklist – the absolute bare minimum of what you will need in an outdoor survivalist situation.

How to Prepare Your Camp

Choosing the location of your camp is the first important part of setting your camp up. It doesn’t matter if you’re bunking down for just one night, or if you intend to ride out a few seasons in the same location. A well chosen spot will aid you in the event of your needing to find food, water or an escape route. With this in mind, camping with your back to a cliff or steep incline is a great idea, as you’ll also be protected from the wind.

The type of camp you will set up will be dependent upon a number of factors, including how permanent your camp will be, what the weather and ground conditions are like, and whether or not you expect to encounter any nasty bugs, predators or other dangers. If in doubt, opt for a hammock. Sleeping above the ground will offer you the best protection from most natural hazards.

About The Author: Daniel Stratton is a freelance writer with an interest in outdoors and prepping topics. Most of the goods mentioned above can be found at who specialize in outdoors, tactical and similar gear and items.