By CrypticCRICKET | On Feb 24th, 2012

In this video I show you how to tune a CB radio’s whip antenna using an SWR meter. The antenna that I tune up in this video is a RadioShack – 64″ base loaded whip antenna ( pt # 21-988 ). In my experience, this antenna should be mounted on a 4″ spring for best SWR’s. This rugged antenna has provided me with excellent service and it gets very high marks in user reviews.
Why tune an antenna? Well because an out of tune antenna can burn up the circuits inside a CB radio if the antenna is far enough out of tune. In an out of tune antenna, RF energy will not leave the antenna and it will be reflected back down your intenna and into your radios circuitry. Some newer radios have some protections built into them but those protections will lower your radio’s output power in order to protect the radios circuits. That means your radio won’t transmit as far. A good antenna, properly tuned, is the secret to getting the most from your Citizens Band or ham radio.

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