This Week’s News Headlines

Plunging prices could force a third of U.S. oil firms into bankruptcy

( “…The current downturn is now deeper and longer than each of the five oil price crashes since 1970, said Martijn Rats, an analyst at the bank (Morgan Stanley)…”


Another Great Recession threatens world financial markets

( “…Mr. Global Economy has spent much of the past seven years in an induced coma, with only a modest recovery from the Great Recession. The root causes of the life-threatening 2008-09 financial crisis remain unaddressed. Debt levels are higher now, and imbalances remain…”


OPEC considering emergency action on oil prices

( “…After watching the price of crude oil collapse by more than 65% to a 12-year low, there are signs that OPEC may have had enough…”


Suicide bomber kills 10 people, mainly Germans, in Istanbul

( “…A suicide bomber thought to have crossed recently from Syria killed at least 10 people, most of them German tourists, in Istanbul’s historic heart on Tuesday, in an attack Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu blamed on Islamic State…”


FDA approves OxyContin for kids 11 to 16

(USA Today) “…Among adolescents who are prescribed OxyContin, a small but significant number are going to become addicted…”


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