You may think that Card Check is the answer for workers rights. In this video, circumventing the law is the way to get-er-done. Personally, I prefer to live in a world where using the law is the way to get things accomplished. The bottom line is that in the U.S. we live with the right to get the law changed if we do not agree with it, or vote for or against it.

If we suddenly live in a world where the way to get-er-done is to go around or ignore the law, do you really think this ‘circumvention’ will be limited to Card Check? I always ask the question, what is the stopping point? What will be next on the list? You may want to ask yourself those same questions when you consider the way to get-er-done.

We have three things guaranteed in life…birth, death, and taxes in between. It may be time to plug in one more guarantee…if we suddenly subscribe to the radical get-er-done theology of overriding the law, then the next guarantee will be just as simple as the first three: Override one right, and you can be assured they will come gunning for the next right. It may be Happy Meal toys, or it may be your right to vote.

For those interested in the concept of Card Check, click here.

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