Peltor Combat Arms E-A-R Plugs
Peltor Combat Arms E-A-R Plugs

If you shoot firearms for recreation, sport, or by profession, you NEED to use hearing protection. Frequent exposure to the high-decibel sounds produced by small arms fire will inevitably damage your hearing. It does not matter how tough you think you are, if you press your luck too many times, you will pay a penalty in terms of hearing damage.

In light of that, let’s talk about hearing protection. Specifically Peltor’s #97079 Combat Arms E-A-R plugs.

From the Manufacturer: “The Combat Arms are the ultimate shooters earplugs providing two way protection. The olive end is designed to provide constant passive noise reduction best used in an indoor shooting range. The yellow end features a filter which allows normal conversation to be heard while simultaneously limiting harmful noise from gunfire – ideal for an outdoor range.”

Peltor’s indoor/outdoor E-A-R plugs are designed to work in any shooting environment, be it indoors and out. The yellow end offers noise-activated (momentary) protection up to NRR 22dB for outdoor range use, while the olive end provides conventional (constant) NRR 22dB for indoor use. The earplugs are made with a patented triple-flange design and comprised of soft non-irritating polymer for all-day comfort.

The Combat Arms E-A-R plugs are backed by Peltor’s 25-year reputation of excellence. These are the same earplugs used by the U.S. military and for good reason; they work as advertised. They are reusable, there are no valves to wear out, and they ship with a small black storage container for safe keeping. Now, the hearing protection choice of law enforcement, the military, and shooters all over the world can be your choice too.

I use the Peltor Combat Arms for both target shooting and also when I mow the lawn. Between target practice, and mowing the 3.8 acres of countryside we call our yard (which takes me a whopping 4 hours), I spend a lot of time wearing these especially in the summer months, and I can say they are reasonably comfortable and they do work very well.

I give the Peltor Combat Arms E-A-R plugs 5 out of a possible 5 stars. They can be purchased from the Amazon Online Marketplace for under $10 per pair.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet.

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