One of the two common meanings of the acronym BOGO
One of the two common meanings of the acronym BOGO

BOGO: Originally BOGO was an acronym that stood for “Buy one, give one”, essentially a commercial transaction with a charitable component. Through commercial television and internet media advertising, the term soon became more widely known to mean “Buy one, get one”, as in “Buy one, get one free”, or “Buy one, get one half-off”.

The acronym started out as the slogan for a charitable campaign instituted by SunNight Solar ( The campaign consisted of purchasing two flashlights, one for the purchaser, and the other to be sent to a needy African villager. To this day, BogoLight still runs the BOBO campaign, offering the participating customers the option to send flashlights to survivors of the Haiti earthquake.

In terms of disaster preparedness, BOGO often refers to buying two identical preparedness-related items, one to be used by you or your family, and the second, identical item to be gifted to someone else or another family who may need it.

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