Anyone can suddenly find themselves in an emergency survival situation, or have a disaster land in their lap without any warning. How well one survives or IF one survives at all could be a matter of luck, but as it has been said:

“Chance favors the prepared mind”

I think it is far better to invest some time and effort in making survival preparations as well as spending time honing your survival skills, don’t you agree?

Survival preparedness does not mean to be in constant fear of impending doom or disaster waiting around every corner, or to stockpile huge amounts of food, water, lead, and gold and then waiting to bug out with your supplies to some remote location.

In a more realistic point of view, survival preparation is about gathering knowledge of and practicing the most basic survival skills, obtaining survival gear, food and water together into emergency survival kits, or bug out bags. These kits can then be placed at easily accessible places such as, the home, car, office, etc., or on your person.

You should always be thinking ahead to anticipate what sort of scenario could arise and what particular survival skills, gear, or supplies would be needed to survive through to the end such a scenario. I recommend you take a look at this list of basic survival skills and make an effort to learn and practice them, your life may depend on it!

  • Learn how to build and maintain a fire with or without matches in different environments (in the rain, snow etc.)
  • Learn how to build a simple survival shelter using only what is available in your surroundings
  • Learn how to procure food (foraging, obtaining fish and game with out a gun or fishing pole)
  • Learn basic navigation skills (finding your direction, and map and compass reading)
  • Learn basic survival signaling methods
  • Learn basic first-aid
  • Learn to use and become proficient with the survival gear you have aquired

You should build your survival kit according to the scenario they should be used for.

Some examples:

  • Wilderness survival kit should you become lost in the wilderness
  • Emergency vehicle kit in the event you become stranded with your vehicle
  • Emergency disaster kit to recover from the aftermath of a natural or man made disaster

Items that should always be included are:

  • fire starting tools and methods
  • items and knowledge to build an emergency / survival shelter
  • survival tools
  • first-aid kit
  • survival signaling device
  • emergency lighting
  • water containers and methods of purification
  • food rations

Remember in any survival situation to remain calm. Use your mind. It is the best survival tool you have.

Do yourself a huge favor and make the effort for your survival preparations toward your own survival and that of your loved ones. Don’t wait. Do it NOW. Do not be the one suffering the consequences because you did not take any action at all.

By iSurvivalSkills

News Reporter
iSurvivalSkills is the editor of and a contributing columnist for Radical Survivalism Webzine

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