Life is an amazing and complex wonder. Only on Earth are there life forms that can live in waters hundreds of degrees temperature, life that lives in well below freezing, life that lives in environments without water, or light. There is even life that can survive being in outer space. To quote Malcolm in the movie Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way”, because sometimes life finds itself forced to survive in nearly unsurvivable conditions.

The human body is the same way; a person can survive with:

  • One half of a brain
  • No ears, eyes, tongue, lips, eyelids, arms, legs,
  • No lower jaw, teeth, or skin
  • No genitals or testes or ovaries
  • A partial stomach
  • One lung
  • One kidney
  • Very little intestines
  • No spleen
  • Partial liver
  • Partial pancreas

Please note I said “SURVIVE”.

You can live through a horrific accident which takes the above items away from you, and in today’s medical advancements – you would survive a long time.

Not to sound too superficial, but what kind of life is it to survive permanently in a hospital bed? And not to sound too SUPER superficial, what kind of life would it be without genitals or gonads?

And that is the point. I don’t want to survive.

I want to live.

Survival isn’t enough. A survivalist survives and that will not be living. Beans, bullets, and bullion won’t be enough.

MRE’s, BOV, and a bug-out compound would only get you through a few years after a collapse.

So what is the answer?


Living means hardcore prepping – prepping beyond a few years post-TEOTWAWKI. Not seeing seeing the big picture like the common person, but seeing the picture in HD 1080p – 3-D on an IMAX screen, so that you can plan what needs to be done for the next generation. As we are the original wave of the post-collapse world, we get only one chance to get it right to pass the torch onto the next generation.

So clearly, it is not the time to be running around in camo fatigues in the woods, or cussing out the government, wasting our time and resources on trivial matters.

Now is the time to learn lost skills, big and little, to pass onto our kids and grand-kids.

It’s time to develop a network of like-minded friends and build what may be the last bastion of free people.

Survivalism is short term thinking.

Prepping is long term planning.

Which one do you want?

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TheCovertPrepper is the editor of,, the host of the PPRN News Show podcast, and is a Contributing Columnist for Radical Survivalism Webzine.